Omaha Drug Crimes

Certain things have the potential to forever alter a person's life. One such thing is being accused of having committed a drug offense. When a person is facing accusations of crimes related to methamphetamine, crack cocaine or other drugs, they can quickly find themselves in major criminal proceedings. When this happens, and you are facing criminal allegations, having full knowledge of your rights and choices is vital.

Here at The Law Office of Jerry M. Hug, I'm committed to helping those accused of drug offenses. I make sure my clients have the information they need to feel confident in the decisions they make. Based out of my Omaha office, I provide defense services to individuals throughout the area.

Legal Support For Those Accused Of Federal Or State Drug Offenses

A conviction on any federal drug offense carries big consequences. From conspiracy charges to weapons charges related to a drug offense, all drug crime-related accusations carry with them some serious weight.

I am confident and comfortable in handling federal drug crime cases. I have a detailed understanding of the processes involved in these cases and of what it takes to properly protect a defendant's rights.

I also represent individuals who are accused of state-level drug crimes here in Nebraska.

Whether you are facing state or federal drug charges, I will use my diverse legal background and unique perspective to give you the full picture of what options you have. Because of my mentor Alan G. Stoler's experience (he started his career as a prosecutor), I understand how prosecutors think in drug crime cases. Being able to anticipate actions is what sets my firm apart.

If you are facing meth charges, crack cocaine charges, federal conspiracy charges, drug trafficking charges or other drug charges, contact me to discuss your case.